Episode 1

Haphazard Coding

Sept 4

Classes have started, for two days now. Iím meeting lots of new people, expanding my horizons to fit my new improved surroundings. I find myself tired a lot, Iím doing so much more walking than I did.

The weather here is lovely, chill, and dry. I hated those hot humid summer days in NC, but somehow I think I became accustomed to them. My mouth keeps drying out, and my lips are chapped, and I have these weird allergy-like symptoms. It seems that even if you make a change for the good, you still have some adapting to do. All new things come with persistence and struggle. Even if itís just a little inconvenience.

What elseÖI wrote my first program in C++ today. Fear me, world, for now in this digital domain I shall soon wield a new weapon. I still need to figure out what Iím gonna do with the Computer Engineering major and whatnot. Right now itís still largely a matter of preference. Thatís the beauty of this experience though, everything goes the way I say. Who doesnít like that?

I wish I had more to report. Looks like I have two choices: make frequent boring updates or scarce yet interesting ones. What wonders in this glistening city are waiting to be found? What perils lie beyond the next turn? Stay tuned.

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