Episode 10

Status Quo

November 13

This is going to be a mainstream-type entry. Hey, Iím capable of normalcy still, ya know? Anyway, I have not posted anything here in quite some time. Little has been going on these past weeks.

Thatís a lie. A lot has gone on. Midterms, papers, visiting trips, cross-dressingÖ

Ok maybe some things have been going on. Ah yes, I visited Hampshire College to see John. That place is noticeably the polar opposite of BU, spreading an inconceivably small number of students over a bafflingly large area. And their roast beef sucks. It sucks almost as much as the Animatrix. Overall, I did have a merry good time though, and I got to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thanks again to Gretchen for lending the skirt and tank top, and also to Gini for the eyeliner.

One ĎVí rubbed off. One remains burning. (wow, now rocky horror fans know way too much about me (and I donít care (and neither shall they)))

(or Iíll kill them.)

I do appreciate the treadmills weíve got here. Itís nice to be able to run without the worries of air resistance and wind chill. Oddly enough my jaw didnít start to ache this time. Maybe that blasted operation is starting to reward itself. Maybe medical science hasnít screwed the Morseís over again. Maybe.

I need to have more time alone with my guitar. Iím never gonna learn how to play this damn thing. Let along change the strings. Twinkle-twinkle-little-star is starting to sound old. And I need some decent tabs for Linkin Parkís ďPushing Me AwayĒ (the bridge still eludes me).

Iím also beginning to worry about my eyesight. Both my parents wear glasses, but up until last year Iíve sported 20/20 vision. But lately Iíve been having an increasing difficulty focusing on the world without. However, this also seems to be related to an increasing difficulty focusing on the world within. Perhaps Iím just tired. The work isnít helping.

More interesting stuff later. Promise.

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