Episode 13


January 10

Back at college, and back online after two days of struggle.

Interestingly enough I often find myself referring to this place as home. Iíve tried to determine why, and come up with a few reasons. The first are my own origins as a New Englander. I was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and lived in Pelham, New Hampshire for the first eight years of my life. Although I have spent the majority of my time in North Carolina, I still feel somehow tied to this region. Hence, I viewed my coming to college here less of a departure from one home, more of a return to another.

Also, my computer is here. And I have named it Helios. Those of you who see the computer game reference, I salute you. Although I donít like being attached to things, having this little box around just seems to make life easier.

So why would I not call this my home? My friends are all scattered about now, and so all thatís left in Greensboro are a house and my parents. My parentsÖI think theyíre the only things who still attach me to North Carolina.

After all the stress of travel and unpacking many a box, I feel very calm. Maybe it was all the binge gaming that wore me down. Iím sure a few days of classes will solve that problem. But for now, I am at peace. Itís good. Join me.

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