Episode 2

Secondhand Sound

Sept 6

Everything is catching up to me. Everything is starting to kick in. The freedom, the solitude, the sociality, the distance, the possibilities, and all the potential that is lining my future. Iím finally bringing myself into focus. Iím making the choices I want to make and, more importantly, putting myself in position to make them. Thus I not only am gaining a grip on Chance, but Fate as well. My old nemeses canít rule me here.

I apologize to anybody who read my away message and thought I really did spend my Saturday at the Luau. I left under the impression that Iíd either arrive there and stay, or give up and go home in five minutes. Both of my forecasts were wrong, as I did not stay but also did not return. I wound up trekking out with a little group to stand outside Fenway Park for the Bruce Springstein concert. It was such a feel-good environment, the whole street was saturated with people just glad to be out there. Thereís a strong, binding emotion of camaraderie in this city. I know Iím going to like it here. I just have to get the hang of it, and that means being careful and thinking on-the-fly. Sure, I can do that.

I am displaced, but I am wise. I am novice, but I am strong. I am distant, but I am home.

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