Episode 20

...Is to be lifted to the stars

February 21

what a fascinating turnaround.

Grades are coming in, and they are good. My sacrifices are beginning to prove their worth. And to think I considered myself conquered. Must maintain faith. Itís nice to know that Iím still capable of surprising myself.

Despite continued sleep deprivation, I am feeling paradoxically stronger. I am not entirely sure why. Deanís list, Deanís host, good exams, getting homework done, everything is compounding to create a new foundation of hope, the basis on which all achievement springs forth.

Regardless, I need to get my lazy self in gear and start exercising regularly again. In fact, thereís a lot of menial tasks that need to be taken care of around hereÖtsk, lazy lazy.

These victories seem to have come at a most opportune moment. I feel revitalized, like I can take on the next week with the zeal and dedication befitting midterm season. I shall face the coming challenges, riding this new wave of hope.

Ah, to be young and hopeful again. I sure hope it lasts. Je líaime beaucoup.

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