Episode 21

"Like being mugged...only with a guilt trip"

February 25

I do not like being played the fool, or taken advantage of. And I felt, yesterday afternoon, that the 5-years HIV-positive man collecting donations for a bike-a-thon took advantage of me and played me for a fool. That’s the only way I can explain his ability to walk away with over half of my liquid assets in his hand (a whopping $7 but, we’re operating on ratios here).

Honestly, I hate to see other people in peril, and I want to help, but now is a very bad time for such things. Later, when I’m rich, I hope I can hold on to my youthful zeal so that I can have both compassion and resources to complement them. Charity cannot function without both. Damnit, even the blood straight from my vains I gave away...a very complicated and painful process for yours truly.

I can see why I’m a likely target; they can’t know that my presence at a private school with a downright outrageous tuition is only facilitated by a very generous financial aid package. But if they’re looking for promising donations… why not just sit in front of SMG?

…oh yeah…resources and compassion…

Know Thyself.
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