Episode 26

Goddamn Salami

April 14

Somehow something unpleasant managed to get inside me (I can only suspect cold cuts) and gave me some horrific stomach pains yesterday. As a result, I spent the entirety of the day confined to my bed when I should have been working on my research paper, studying for my math exam, and going to class. Just as I began to think the day would be a complete waste, Stephanie came and saved me later in the evening. If not for her, I would have probably wound up wandering to the library in a painful daze and wasting even more time blankly staring at sources, and only getting more sick. Sometimes work itself can be counterproductive. Thank you.

Time has been trying its best to get the better of me. I wish I could manage it better, but I lack the will. Or the energy. Iím not sure which. I justÖdonít want to. I work best under pressure, not with three days to spare. Iím becoming addicted to stress, I cannot function without it. Or perhaps Iím just hypersensitive to leisure, experiencing way too much relaxation when given only the slightest breathing-room.

Either way, this paper isnít going to write itself. And this calculus exam isnít going to make me study for it by itselfÖdid that make any sense?

Iím so confused.

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