Episode 28

Bring Reason to Rhyme

May 2

Now to shed light on the conflicts Iím facing.

Final exams, for me, start Tuesday and end the next day. I have only two: physics II and multivariate calculus.

Calculus Situation:
In a word, grim. Semester grade is composed of 3 exams, 30% each, and homework. First exam found me moderately above average. Second exam I was well below. Reasonable estimation would put my grade at a C if not worse. In order to at least keep a B, therefore, I must shoot for an A on the final.

At Stake:
My place on Deanís List and my GPA as a whole (necessary for a good co-op) stand in the balance. Not acing this exam will have disastrous effects on both. Complete failure will be catastrophic, jeopardizing financial aide requirements, upon which my presence at BU is contingent.

Physics Situation Critical, but not grim. Thanks to a very informative department (a very strong foil to the ďyouíll know your grade when itís ready and finalĒ math department), I know that I am just above the A line in this class. Simply put, this exam will make or break it. I am quite confident in my abilities, but the cumulative nature of this exam makes it very hard to study for. I donít feel like Iím ready, and probably never will.

At Stake:
An A for the semester, a precious gem, if I get about an 85 after the curve. Otherwise, a B or lower if I falter. Catastrophic failure is highly unlikely.

I have been studying since last week for this two-battle war. Thereís so close to each other, I have to prepare for both concurrently. Whatís more, my focus over the past few days has been horrible; I donít know how much more I can doÖI'm so tempted to just lock myself in the room and don't come out except for food and office hours.

I can only hope that my zealous preparations will be enough. I can only hope that Iím good enough. Although I worry a lot, Iím rarely ever truly scared. But nowÖ

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