Episode 3


Sept 9

I was born on October 26, 1984. For those of you who donít like doing any more simple math than you have to (since I am one of you), Iíll tell you then that in about a month and a half Iím going to be nineteen years old.

This depresses me to no small end.

Those of you who know me well know why I feel like Iíve missed something rather important, and why I feel forever belittled, looked down upon. Time passed way too quickly for my tastes. Sometimes I honestly canít trace back through the years. And events of late have forced me to re-evaluate my grip on reality and identity itself. I canít take anything for granted anymore. Who are all you people? And who the fuck am I?!

Itís been midnight for too long. New moon no less. With every new dark hour that passes the flowers waiting for the dawn are becoming evermore discouraged. Time must pass. Anything that starts must end. Surely then, the sun is somewhere there, waiting for me.

Or, mayhap I simply stand in a shadow and refuse to lift my eyes to the obvious.

Madboy in the city,
Watch out, watch out!
Never that unpretty,
Run Away!

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