Episode 4

Early Conclusions

Sept 9

To all womankind,

I wish to be so bold as to inquire what it is that Iíve done to you to summon such wrath and scorn, to which I have been witness at your hands. If it was something I said in early childhood concerning Susan B. Anthony or Roe v. Wade I would like to apologize and assure you that my education has progressed significantly since those days. I cannot see the logic in your continued hostility towards my mental health and well-being if you continue to deny my knowledge of my transgressions. Even criminals have the sovereign right to know their charges.

So again I am brought back to the matter at hand, my dire offense of your race. Surely this offense was summoned by illogical reasoning, as I cannot come to any logical conclusions myself, nor will you provide one for me. Therefor I must assume that the total of you are acting in a framework of random and senseless decisions. Thus, my offense is not an action or thought, but simply inherent in my existence. This leads me to two conclusions. The first is that I shall never understand you, and because of this never be forgiven for simply being me.

The second is that I should not want to have the favor of such a hopeless, doomed race.


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