Episode 7

Ab Turbidum, Perfectionus*

October 18

From the masses of so many mistakes, finally one stellar victory arises. Like the noble phoenix it burns, burns like the brightest star, and shines forth with a light to nourish the soul. Finally, after all the miscalculations, ill turns of fate, and ambitious lapses of judgement, there is a ray of hope. Finally, I have created and repaired something that works.

Let this victory show the world that a Morse does not die so easily. I sat in the clutches of Fate and Chance and Error and Choice. They tore at my flesh, and I bled, I bled and I struggled and I bled more and I fought harder, better, made stronger with every blow. Although wounded, I would not fall. And now, the reward for my trials is at hand.

You may see a simple hardware upgrade as a small victory compared to the elevated status I have bestowed upon it. I say, see this for what it is, or what it could be: the beginning. You canít deny me that. This may very well be the dawn I have been waiting for, to take me out of the twilight and into the new, shining day. I will not be so optimistic to say that Fate is bending for me. I do believe that now, with all the power I have accumulated fighting my way through crisis upon crisis, I am beginning to cross a threshold.

I eagerly await lifeís next challenge. Bring it on. I dare you. You canít kill me. Iím immortal now, bitch.

*From Chaos, Perfection
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