Episode 8


October 21

"Moonless Night"

Goodnight, goodnight my dear sweet lost,
For now we recollect the cost
Of dressing ourselves in the dark,
And waiting for the morning lark.
Oh no oh no, what have we done?
And now from spider webs we run,
Invisible even in light,
But always there to cause us fright.

The streetlight casts an orange glow.
While inside beats the crimson flow,
Forever in and never out
Unlike the kettle and its spout.
Yet inside lies a battle still
For outside there are none to kill.

The music plays, the music plays
And echoes through enchanted days,
Left in the midnight, shadow-less,
And waiting for lunar eclipse.
Goodnight, goodnight my dear sweet lost,
Come morning we'll forget the cost
Of standing idle while time bends.
Come twilight, show me how this ends.

much thanks to www.dictionary.com

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