Keith Morse

Due 9/15

Problem EP 1

* Guideline 4-o

This guideline states that “Engineers shall not review the work of other Engineers except with the knowledge of such Engineers...,” except in certain limited circumstances. Such a stipulation is meant to prevent Engineers from duplicating, without express permission, the works of other Engineers. Laws against plagiarism, likewise, serve to ensure that a person's work is solely his or her own.

* Guideline 5-f

In order to maintain fair competition amongst Engineers, this guideline prohibits an Engineer to “falsify nor permit misrepresentation of their ... academic or professional qualifications.” One important implication of this regulation is that an Engineer cannot claim credit for products, designs, inventions, or others works for which he or she is not responsible. Such an action would be plagiarism in falsely purporting another's work to be one's own.

*Guideline 7-e

This guideline addresses giving “proper credit for engineering work to those to whom credit is due...,” an interest at the heart of the concept of plagiarism. The guideline prohibits failure to cite the true source of engineering innovations. Such behavior is not only immoral but could possibly circumvent the “proprietary interests of others.”