Episode 23


March 19

Iím writing this entry out of habit, not of inspiration. I wish I had more to say, and indeed I have had various bursts of emotion over the past weeks, but I simply cannot write them all down. I donít know what Iím doing here. Bear with me, Iíll figure it out soon.

Spring break was fun. I spent half of it in my bed with a stomach virus, the rest of it hanging out with my parents and watching TV. All the things I cannot do here. I was pleased.

Came back and my computer goes viral on me, and BU seems to have taken an interest in spying on my internet traffic, emailing me a very unpleasant warning/threat/ultimatum over an upload that I wasnít even aware of. So many people out there on the World Wide Web are either hounding me or trying to destroy me. Ever feel like the world was out to get you?

Times like this the information superhighway seems more like a seedy back-alley, where all I can do is look over my shoulder every two seconds for the danger that I know is waiting for me.

At least I know I had something here to come back to. I missed you. But you know that. In fact, I missed a lot of my friends here. I met my entire group by complete chance, but now I canít imagine being here without them. In fact, I met some of them on more than one completely random occasion. Perhaps some things are slated by Fate.

Also, it snowed. We frollicked. Fun was had.

I have to say, I still like college. Beats frickin high school thatís for sure. Now all I have to do is get over my mozzarella stick addiction. Damn you, Late Nite Cafť, damn you.

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