Day 0


March 31 What an interesting proposition this is. Carve out a space of this vast electronic spider web of information, lies, education and pornography, and claim it for myself. Use the limitless land below me to build a tower of thoughts and dreams. Use my tripod website, once intended for loftier purposes, and create myself an online journal. Take lines of hand coded HTML and turn it into the chronicle of my existence.

It is quite an interesting proposition indeed.

This concept comes at a very awkward time. The ideal situation would be beginning such a project at the beginning of a great ordeal. Now, at the last months of my senior year, I am initiating it at the twilight of a great ordeal. I find it difficult to expect great things with such a short tenure, but (as I have done far too often in my past) I shall not sell myself short.

This is the first chapter of the end of the novel that is my high school career. But every day may yield a new turn of fate. This is the kind of book that is written only on the fly. Nobody, not even I, can predict its future. So let us all wait.