Day 1

Fools at Heart

April 1 Another average day of school passes by. No tests, no essays, no presentations, only a brief interlude as more pressing assignments and demands loom on the horizon. Boredom at home is fine, relaxing, and liberated. Boredom in a confined space like a classroom makes me want run far, far away. Boredom in a confined space like a classroom when my teachers are made at me makes me want to jump out of my skin.
Science Olympiad State competitions are drawing near, only 3 more days, and Iím still building our machine. Hot glue and solder attack my hands in a furious onslaught of heat and pain, but we canít relent now. Suck it up crybaby, itís almost go time and this bird ainít gonna fly like this. Fine. Gimme the solder gun and blow away those damn fumes that gave my father cancer, Iíve wires to splice.
Today I was called pessimistic, cynical, anal-retentive, and antisocial. This offends me, as I know for a fact that I am not anal-retentive. Iím way too lazy to give that much of a damn about organization and micro management. Especially not when Iíve been accepted into nice colleges and there are seven weeks left of my high school sentence.