Day 11


May 14-15

Itís coming.

I feel it now. I hoped it wouldnít come to this. But it has. You see it? Yes. They were my first defeat, and there have been many defeats since then, so many defeats over so many missions, and it all started with them. Iím soÖ angry, and now itís become a part of me. But now Iím going back. Iím going to end itÖwith you.

Who are you?

I am the strength. I am the hope. I am my future and my present. I am the power of logic and the bastion of survival. Who are you?

I am the fury. I am the night. I am the remembrance and the past. I am muscle of emotion and the sentinel of vengeance.

We are too separate. I have been growing and you have been suppressing me. Well I need you now.

Thereís an eclipse Thursday night. For a moment, the ever-present light will cross perfectly with the darkness, and in a shining explosion, only a vacuum will remain. Come my darkness, come, my light , together, finally Ö We are one.

For to long we have existed in isolation. But no perfect.