Day 5


April 10

NO! This canít be happening to me again. I WONíT LET YOU DO THIS TO ME.

We walked on petals all day long,
And tried to sing a happy song
While wandering without the light.
The grayest day came from the night.

I stood in the rain today.
The cold chill fell into my bones.
I never cared and I just stared
Into the infinite colorless expanse
Above me, far away above me.

The rain beating on the windows,
The sky sleeting on the sidewalk.
I knew it was a cold day when I first woke.
And now itís dead before I had hope.

It died in the storm of blood and tears,
Of hopes gone awry, of facts to fears.
Raped again by those (falsely called) ďprofessionals.Ē

I search to seek something
That wonít fade so fast.
My quest is finding a future
That wonít relive my past.

How long will it take to break me?
What hope can I make to shake free?
How much more can you fake to show me
Optimism is the devilís way to fool us.

I stood in the rain today,
Defiantly alone.