TwilightKeith: so here is goes, the final eulogy for this year in its fleeting final hour
TwilightKeith: It was the year of destruction, of fire, of chaos and of tears. It will forever be remembered by many, including the two of us, as one of immeasurable emotional and/or physical hardships
TwilightKeith: But the inevitable result of pain is relief. The end sum of all anguish is joy for its dismissal
TwilightKeith: this year came, existed, and shall soon leave with a burning pain in our hearts. But in its departure it leaves behind a vacuum to be filled.
TwilightKeith: We have felt its wrath, and we have endured. We have been knocked down by its evils, and have risen again. We have been hurt, but we have survived.
TwilightKeith: And now, as it leaves, a new age must be upon us. If we can fully sever ourselves from this, our darkest year to date, we can be rid of it forever.
TwilightKeith: And in its absence, it will be replaced only with an age of victory for our perserverence.
Fated Ronin: amen
: We have stood against this year. It has been our trial, our battlefield, and we shall walk away from it scarred, but strengthened.
TwilightKeith: and in 37 minutes, this year shall be replaced. It will be usurped by the infinite potential that is the future. Glory be upon those who walk on.
TwilightKeith: Ab Turbidum, Perfectionus. From Chaos, Perfection. *salute*
TwilightKeith: happy fuckin new year, you rascal.
Fated Ronin: hehe, you too awesome K-man Junior