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My name is Keith Morse. I'm a senior at Grimsley High School. As I was sitting in the library last year, I had the random thought of starting a Grimsley Clan. I passed it off as a mundain idea, as that's surely been done before. Then another thought crossed my mind...get a lot of highschool clans...

Now, senior year, I'm finally putting it all together.

So how's it all work? Simply pulling all the schools in Guilford County together and starting a league from scratch would never work. Too many experimental mistakes, not enough time or patience, everything would have collapsed. This has to be done peicemeal.

I am recruiting my own gamer friends for a small starting team. My brother, James, who goes to Southeast Guilford High, is following suite there. With two teams ready, we'll have a first game.

Everything should fall into place after that. Using the game as a model, we'll know what works or doesn't work, how everything should be done. By that time, we'll be organized, and ready to publicly recruit at our respective schools. Then we have two large teams.

After another game or two perhaps, when I'm sure the system is properly primed, I'll start making contacts at other schools. The end result, hopefully, will be a County-wide united gamers league.

It may sound idealistic, but no great turn in history has ever come from people being too afraid of failure to try to change the world.

The color bars at the top represent the current teams that make up the league. You can also observed the developement of the league at the team roster. I've got the website pretty well-organized (if not a bit lacking aesthetically at the moment). Look around, and learn. I hope you like what you see.