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This section explains the various games on which the league competes. Eventually, I plan to have a variety of games from different genres. But in the short run, as with all factors, things must start small.

I've decided we'll going to start with Half-Life Counterstrike mod. Now, don't label me a CS fan, I'm not. I think there are definitely some better games out there. But to start, we need a game which allows for simplicity, teamwork, and is fairly well known and easy to moderate. Counterstrike fits all these criteria.

Eventually it is my personal hope that we'll switch our Half-Life games to Firearms mod. I feel it's more realistic, team-oriented, and less deathmatchy than CS. FA can be downloaded at, for those of you who want to get a head start.

Speaking of head starts, we'll eventually begin playing strategy games, so you might want to brush up on your Starcraft skills...

Don't start screaming at me to change the decisions. I'm no despot but we're not going to play some underground mod that you swear is "|v|3g4 1773". If you have a serious suggestion and have evidence or good reasoning to back it up, however, go ahead and send a message.

Remember, nothing right now is permanent. Since a covenant such as this has never before been attempted, I'm playing everything by ear here. Knowing this fact, I'll certainly be flexible.