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This page describes how we play. The rules are generally the same for all the games, but be sure to know what to do. Else, you could cause yourself much embarassment and your team much trouble when you mess up and get kicked out.

Half Life Games (All Mods)

Your team leaders will be informed of the time, IP adress, and name of server on which the game will be played, as well as the password to get in. There will be a time specified when the game starts. The server will be opened then, and you'll have five minutes to join before play begins. When you enter the server, do not join a team. Wait until either all players on both teams have arrive or the five minutes are up, at which point the moderator will call "TEAM UP." Then you will join your instructed team, either Blue (CT) or Red (T).

Once TEAM UP has been called, the game will commence. After 30 minutes of gameplay, the round will end and the scores for each team will be tallied. Then, wait untill the next round begins. It will be the same map. After either 1 minute has passed or all players have loaded, TEAM UP will once again be called. Now, join the alternate team. This will compensate for the asymetrical maps.

After another 30 minutes, the round will end. The scores will be tallied and added to the previous round. The end score will decide the winner of the match. In the event of a tie...both sides win.