Episode 25

Pride with Moderation makes Bliss

April 6

So I canít seem to get a good nightís rest nowadays, for several reasons including but not limited to the following:
Alarms (not mine), telephones (not mine), homework, research papers, registration, midterms, finals, calculus, money, jobs, future employment, short-term employment, visits, trains, money, tours, summer, physics, schedules, relationship time, grades, resume, money, this year, last year, next year, the year after thatÖetc.

You get the idea. Stoicism sometimes feels like a swell idea. And I refuse to become a machine. Iíve been there, itís not healthy.

Overall I donít know why Iíve become so worried all of a sudden. All things considered, Iím kicking quite a bit of ass this semester. The tough thing about school (perhaps life) is that you have to look really hard to get self-satisfaction for anything. But it can be done if youíre not afraid to congratulate yourself.

I aced my physics midterm and my writing essay. I rule.

See? That wasnít so hard. It doesnít even have to be that big a dealÖ

I totally didnít trip and fall on the sidewalk today. I rule!

Life can be an amazing string of victories if you look at it the right way. Consider a new perspective; that which looks upon all humans as crucibles of incredible power. Make a big deal of the little things. Itís a wonder that weíre capable of anything. Boredom and depression can easily foster when you forget that.

We are all incredible beings.


We lost power for a couple hours tonight. I'm not sure how long, or when it came on, since I was doing calculus work for about 5 hours straight and still haven't finished. So I was rather disconnected from changes in my surroundings, lost in a metaphysical world. Transcendentalism in homework?

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